TWT Travel Binder: British Columbia

Our 2008 trip to British Columbia was incredible:
Clean air, astonishing mountains, spectacular gardens,
shimmering bays and deep forests,
with nesting eagles and candied salmon to boot.

Here are some resources to help you plan your own “travels with two” to British Columbia.

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Western Canada: To Victoria, Again

Continued from One Night in Calgary

Our first journey to Victoria, British Columbia, during the especially dreary December of 1997, was socked in by gray fog and freezing rain. Thankfully, much of town is festooned with Christmas lights that time of year…or we wouldn’t have been able to see anything at all.

We spent most of our time indoors, hiding in bookstore stacks, Miniature World, and what was then a Canadian novelty to us, Lush Cosmetics.  (Bless those little bath bombs.)

We’d stayed in a sad little B & B on a nondescript residential street, run by a woman with a lazy eye and seven ponytails.  She made us feel uneasy, and killed romance with her very step. We’d heard Victoria was charming, and felt that someday we’d like to give it another chance.

In May 2008, thank goodness we finally did.

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