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Game, Set, Match: The US Open in New York City

I've been doing some traveling and blogging this summer for the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express, and they recently brought me from Los Angeles to New York City to be a guest at the 2014 US Open Men's Quarterfinals and … [Read More...]

#DoBaja: Mexico’s Wine Country

Traveling the winding desert highways and bumpy, dusty backroads of the Valle de Guadalupe, you might think you've wandered onto the backlot of a classic Western movie. Instead of gunslingers, though, you'll find acres of gnarled olive trees, … [Read More...]

SAVOR the Central Coast: Food & Wine & California

Just in time for California Wine Month (or as I like to call it, "The Happiest Month of the Year"), I wanted to give you a heads up that California's San Luis Obispo County is staging a delicious event from September 25-28, 2014: Sunset SAVOR the … [Read More...]

48 Hours in Boston: Parkland, Prison & Cannoli – Part Two

Continued from 48 Hours in Boston: Parkland, Prison & Cannoli - Part One Our Boston Saturday began with yet more carbs...but please note that we walked six miles the night before. (I know, right? Thank you.) While we enjoyed some salt bagels at … [Read More...]

48 Hours in Boston: Parkland, Prison & Cannoli – Part One

Over 48 short hours in late July, I let go of an old dream and (re)discovered my new crush city: Boston, Massachusetts. I traveled with a girlfriend who makes me laugh, and we walked miles on end each day, ate our weight in carbs, hung out with … [Read More...]

Rain And Shine: A Friends’ Weekend In Seattle – Part One

Any two given days in Seattle will bring a combination of sparkling sun and pouring-down rain, with a high chance of natural beauty, a bayside Statue of Liberty, and some ridiculously good food. Back in March, one of my dearest friends and I found … [Read More...]

Be Afraid, Lamb Chop: Primitive Outdoor Skills at Canyon Ranch

Ever dreamed of learning to make fire? Or quieting your thoughts so that you can see your surroundings in a whole new way? Or, say, murdering stuffed puppets with a throwing stick? My dear friend and I learned to do all this (and more) by … [Read More...]

New Orleans: A Whole Different Country – Part Two

Continued from New Orleans: A Whole Different Country - Part One Along our wanderings through the French Quarter in New Orleans, my (now-ex-) boyfriend Eric and I managed to stumble blindly across a place we were actually looking for: the Carousel … [Read More...]