The Top 3 Reasons for Couples To Pursue “L’Avventura”

Well, folks, part deux of my series on couples’ travel has been posted!

Have a look at The Top 3 Reasons Couples Should Pursue “L’Avventura” and see if it doesn’t inspire you to get out of dodge.

A fitting sentiment indeed, as Adam and I are on the move once again.

Today we’re off to see my family in wintry Maryland and D.C., then we’ll flee for warm and sunny Florida.

We’ll slosh through chilly rain, attend a family wedding at the Newton White Mansion, visit the Smithsonian, fly to Miami, drive down through the Keys, and languish in Coral Gables by the side of the largest hotel pool in America.

You know, l’avventura.

We both wish you a lovely holiday, and we’ll be back soon with more adventures to share!


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Love Letter to a Reluctant Traveler

Love Letter to a Reluctant Traveler

I’ve written a two-part series on couples’ travel for, and the first post, Love Letter to a Reluctant Traveler, is up today.

If you’ve tried and failed to get your partner to either take you away or even simply follow along to a destination besides your living room, print out this letter and hand it to them…or feel free to paraphrase.

And no, this letter was not designed for my husband, Adam.

But if you don’t believe me, you’ll just have to wait until Part Two to see what I mean.


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The Top 3 Reasons Couples Should Pursue “L’Avventura”

The Book That Inspired Us To Travel This Year

I was recently asked to contribute to a wonderful communal travel blog called Travel  (Catchy name, I know, but it does offer truth in advertising.)  

Editor Eric Daams asked me what book inspired Adam and I to travel this year, and I was able to quickly say:  A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson.

You can read about why this book prompted us to visit Yellowstone (pictured here) in a special Travel Blogs post, The Books, Movies and Documentaries That Inspired Us to Travel in 2008.  

See what else might inspire you.