Western Canada: The Almost-Road to Jasper – Part One

Continued from Moraine Lake

Note:  Our trip to Canada was taken in May 2008

Peyto Lake in Banff National Park

Along the way from Banff National Park to Jasper, you pass short hikes to gorgeous rivers and lakes, as well as a gift store/deli/ice cream counter/cafe where you can reward yourself with that most precious of Canadian treasures — crystallized maple sugar candy.

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Western Canada: Arriving in Banff National Park

Continued from Off to Western Canada

First off, if you’re going to rent a car for driving through Canada’s Banff National Park, learn from our mistake:  Make sure you get a car with power windows.

The landscapes are so incredible that you’ll be rolling your windows down every five minutes.  Having a power button could be the difference between nabbing a photo of a quick-moving bear…or not.

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Off to Western Canada

In an attempt to sideswipe the astronomical prices of Europe in early 2008, Adam and I headed to Western Canada — or as we like to call it, “America’s Hat” — for 8 days in late May.

In a conservative twist for us, we planned to go only to incremental parts of the country rather than try to tackle huge amounts of terrain in a short time.   I thought it might be good to leave ourselves open to at least the concept of a nap.

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