The Heart of Bali: Part Two

Continued from The Heart of Bali: Part One

At lunchtime, we stopped at the hilltop Puri Lumbung Cottages, in the Balinese jungle village of Munduk. 

Here, in a small stone room with a view of the rice paddies below, we took a private and deeply informal Balinese home-cooking class with a young man and his tiny great aunt.  There were no recipes:  just verbal instruction, small bowls of ingredients like ginger and chili, a mortar and pestle, and a single iron wok-like pot over a table-top, wood-fired flame.

True Balinese food is rarely found in restaurants, so this was a real treat.

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The Heart of Bali: Part One

Continued from Northwestern Bali

From the northwest of Bali, we again headed southeast through the heart of the island.  

Our first stop was the huge market in Bedugul.  It’s $1 to enter/park, and here you can find anything truly Balinese, from orchids to puffy rice crackers flavored with saffron to exotic produce from all over the island.

A visit here is a like a trip through the tail end of the Age of the Exploration, a journey into Bali’s history as a valuable stop along the Spice Route; what’s still grown on Bali today retains the ancient influence of countries all over the world.  

At Bedugul you can find great coffee and chocolate, as well as every spice imaginable; you can also find textiles, jewelry, crafts, knick-knacks, Jimmy Hoffa…

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