Jamaica: Glory Be to Sans Souci

Our recent trip to Ocho Rios, Jamaica included a tour of the couples-only, all-inclusive Couples Sans Souci and we both agree:  It had us at hello.

As in, “Hello, mineral pool, spa cottages perched on Caribbean cliffs, jungle-rimmed pond and resident sea turtle…and how are you?”

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Traveling Couples: Lyn & Arthur Dobrin

On our recent trip to Couples Tower Isle in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, we met a wonderful couple who were making their first return to the resort…in 45 years!

Lyn and Arthur Dobrin honeymooned in 1964 at the then Tower Isle Hotel, and here they were again. After the late ’70s adoption of a couples-only concept, a new name, and millions in ’09 renovations, the Dobrins wanted  to see if Tower Isle had completely changed…or stayed just a little like it was. [Read more…]

Jamaica: Couples Tower Isle – What We’d Love to See

Continued from Couples Tower Isle – What We Loved

After our recent trip to the Couples Tower Isle resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, we now have a better understanding of their all-inclusive, couples only, boutique resort concept.  As part of an informational press trip, we also gained an appreciation for Tower Isle’s love for Jamaica.

Had we simply been guests, though, I’m not sure this last part would have been so clear.

If only it was in our power, we’d change a few things at Tower Isle to help guests feel even more relaxed and connected to Jamaica.

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Jamaica: Couples Tower Isle – What We Loved

So, please don’t cry for us…but we’ve just returned from the Couples Tower Isle, an all-inclusive resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Even back to our regularly scheduled lives, we’re now so relaxed that we have little choice but to be, well…utterly content.

We wriggled our toes in thick sand, and bobbed in the summer-choppy Caribbean Sea.  We gaped at schools of yellow fish with gray stripes and big blue eyes.  We lolled in the brand new spa, marvelled at the garden’s Poinciana trees in flame-red bloom, and found ourselves squarely and happily in the midst of mango season.

We met some lovely new people.  We stuffed our faces with healthy foods.  But perhaps most importantly for two borderline workaholics?

We each found the time and quiet to lounge side by side and read a whole book.  Apiece.

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