The Most Romantic Toy Store in the World

While tooling around southern France on a sunny day in May (as one does), my dear friend Christine and I stopped off to explore her home turf,  the small city of Montpellier. Her boyfriend, Cal, greeted her with kisses and proudly squired us around, showing off the highlights of this magical town that few foreign tourists ever see.

I had no expectations that while I was there, I’d fall deeply in love — with a toy store.

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All Creeped Out in the Catacombs of Paris

Happy Halloween, fair readers.  On this chilly and damp holiday of frights, I’m thinking about the hands-down spookiest place Adam and I have yet been — the Catacombs of Paris. [Read more…]

TWT Travel Binder: France

Here are some resources to help you plan your own “travels with two” to France.

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Above It All: Hotel Everland

At last, a boutique hotel you can fall in love with wherever you’d like it to be.   [Read more…]