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Western Virginia: A Family Weekend


We just got back from a weekend in Western Virginia to meet up with much of my family, and not only did we have a beautiful time…but this is some beautiful country, too.

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TWT Travel Binder: Virginia


Virginia, besides the fact that it’s ostensibly for lovers, is very close to our hearts.  

My beloved aunt, uncle and cousin live 40 minutes outside D.C. in Reston,
and we’ve journeyed through pedestrian-friendly Charlottesville,
Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, the Virginia Wine Country,
and just about the entire length of the mountain-edge Blue Ridge Parkway.
Someday, we’d love to see the horses run wild on Chincoteague Island,
on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

Here are some resources to help you plan your own “travels with two” to Virginia.

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A Philippine Comedy of Errors: Part Four

A sleepy carriage driver and horse at midday in Manila's Rizal Park

A sleepy carriage driver and horse at midday in Manila’s Rizal Park

Continued from
A Philippine Comedy of Errors: Part Three

I easily found JD, my travel companion, in our Manila hotel lobby: he looked just like his social media photos, minus a hat or a dolphin.

Within moments of meeting him, I was relieved to find that he was a bonafide grown-up with a sense of humorSince he and I would be together almost constantly for the next seven days, it was nice to feel right from the start that we’d stand a chance of not causing each other bodily harm.

The trip itself, though? That still remained to be seen.

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What’s to Do in Downtown L.A.

Yes, Virginia…L.A. has a real downtown.

It’s got cool restaurants, wine bars, galleries, museums, theater, music and a handful of historic tours. It’s full of bustle, grime, fancy lofts, sadness and glory.

In other words, these days, it’s where you’ll find the city of Los Angeles.

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Washington, D.C.: Ode from an Expat

Moore's "King & Queen," Hirshhorn Museum - photo by Anna Boman

I grew up in the capital city of the United States, Washington, D.C., and sometimes I still dream about it in the wee hours — as though it and I have unfinished business, or I’m looking for something I can’t find.

It’s a city I haven’t called home since 1993, but because my family lives there, so does a part of me. We were just there in late summer, and with my parents as tour guides I learned two valuable things:

You can live in a place your entire life and still discover something new.

You can go home again whenever you like, as long as you’re prepared to let it change.

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