Our Favorite iPhone Travel Apps: Part Two

It’s entirely possible that between us, we have 50 iPhone apps that relate to travel.

Here are another 10 of the ones we find most useful — and hope you will, too.

Phone Calls

Skype. Microsoft just paid about $8.5 billion dollars for this ubiquitous, brilliant service, which (for the time being) allows you to make free/inexpensive phone calls while overseas. Using a technology called VoiceOver IP, this handy app allows you to make voice and video calls or send instant messages to anyone who also uses the Skype network — as long as you have 3G or a wi-fi signal. It’s almost as exciting as stealing cable TV.

Note: If you need to call someone who doesn’t have Skype, rates are low and vary from per-minute to per-month.



Boingo. An enormously helpful tool when you’re often on the move but need/want to stay connected to the web. Best for couples who travel both for work and play, the app works in conjunction with Boingo’s subscription plans (about $8-20 US/month). As you travel, this app helps you locate the approximately 325,000 Boingo wi-fi hotspots in existence around the world, plus a bunch of free ones here and there.


WiFi Finder. More ideal for those who travel occasionally but still want to stay connected. Log in to this app during your first wi-fi stop of  the day and using your projected itinerary as a guide, find your other wi-fi stops for the day. Lists about 545,000 hotspots and works in about 144 countries.



Google Translate. Want to know how to say just about anything in a whole bunch of different languages? Of course you do. Well, type/paste in the text you’d like to translate, choose your preferred language from a list of about 50, and experience your translated answer in easy-to-read text or audio. This means that you can either show someone the thing you’re looking for/question you’d like to ask, or play it for them out loud. Assuming that most people around the world will be patient with your app-based geekiness, communicating abroad just got a whole lot easier.


Photo Sharing

Photo Wallet. If you use Flickr to store your photos (like we do), this app will allow you to share your entire account in clear resolution without the need for a web connection. (Flickr’s own iPhone app disappoints on both counts.) A great tool for sharing your trip’s highlights with friends once you’re home, connecting with other travelers on the road, and entertaining kids just about anywhere.



CityMaps2Go. Far more convenient than lugging around a guidebook (or an atlas) this app allows you offline access to over 3,000 extremely detailed maps of cities, towns, regions, national parks and more in about 165 countries. Specific right down to telling you where to find particular buildings and attractions.


Yelp! This app is buh-rilliant. Why? Because it finds businesses like restaurants, food markets, drug stores, gas stations – almost anything you need while you’re on the move in either an indecisive mood or an unfamiliar neighborhood. Requires wi-fi to activate its GPS-based platform, then provides an address, map and directions from your current location. You can search by business type, neighborhood, distance from your current location and much more, as well as read user-generated reviews that create a rating system of 1-5 stars. Finds stuff in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Austria, France, Germany and the Netherlands.


Where. Presently only available in North America, Where takes Yelp! a helpful step further, finding restaurants, bars and tourist attractions based on all sorts of criteria (B.Y.O.B., Free, Romantic Dining, etc.), offering detailed reviews pulled from Citysearch and local blogs, and providing recommendations for you based on your usage.


Theoretical House-Hunting

Zillow. Maybe it’s just us, but we love to fantasize about living in different American cities. This GPS-based app (which requires a cell connection) allows us to see, as we wander through the neighborhood(s) of our dreams, what it would cost to own a house there. Launch the app, hold up your iPhone to your dream house, and instantly see details like its size, year built, its last sale price and market value. Almost as fun as a real estate open house…in 1/16th the time.



This American Life. We rarely take a road trip without listening to the latest episode(s) of this fascinating, long-running NPR radio show. Each hour-long episode finds stories that expound on a single hilarious/evocative/heart-wrenching/awe-inspiring/chilling/embarrassing theme, always prompting a great discussion afterwards. To avoid the frustration and disconnection of stream buffering while listening on the move, connect with wi-fi and download episodes while you’re still stationary.  Then you can listen consistently in the car, on a train, in a plane — you get the idea.




  1. Great selection of Apps, Wifinder is really useful when you in a city centre and need to check something online – it saves you paying for internet usage.

  2. very Great selection of Apps, Wifinder is really useful when you in a city centre and need to check something online – it saves you paying for internet usage.

    Thank for share


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