Travel Gear: V-Moda Remix Remote Headphones

Dear readers, now that I’ve started doing travel gear and product reviews, I at last seem to have found the temperature of Adam’s room.
For the first time on Travels With Two, I present my husband, in his own words.


For several years now, I’ve been in search of options for easily portable, in-ear headphones.

Enter my first new contender for the crown: a pair of V-Moda Remix Remote Headphones.

I think I’m in love — with one large catch.

My trusty pair of Bang & Olufsen in-ear ‘phones have yet to be unseated in my gadget bag, but they don’t give me everything I want. I’m missing a bit more noise isolation, as well as an in-line remote and mic, since my iPhone has become my media player of choice.

Melanie favors a pair of Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10s, but they’re not quite right for me. When they do work, they’re solid noise isolators; however, I can’t get them to fit comfortably and stay, resulting in finicky sound. Also, the fact that the UEs have no remote or mic makes them, for me, no better than the B&Os.

I’d take noise canceling headphones, except that I really don’t want another gadget that needs batteries; I’m fed up with electronics running out of juice while on the road.

The V-Moda Remix ‘phones reconcile a few issues:

Because of three different included sets of interchangeable silicone fittings, they can be customized to be snug and comfortable for both me and Melanie. They block out a great deal of noise, while still staying entirely non-irritating in the ear.

An Apple-specific product, they include an in-line remote and mic, which I find quite handy for pausing, fast-forwarding, and controlling volume on my iPhone.

Extra bonus, they come with a clip that allows me to keep the headphones with me no matter where I go. No more resting the entire apparatus on my seat or stuffing it in my pocket each time I get up to go to the bathroom on a plane.

Aesthetically, they’re cool enough, streamlined and tech-y, with a solid build quality and aluminum enclosures. However, the review pair Melanie received was bright pink, so…yeah. That’s a deal-breaker. I may shortly head out to grab a pair of black ones to use in , you know, public.

However, in terms of sound quality…you get what you pay for. The Ultimate Ears cost a whopping $400 US, the Bang & Olufsens average $150 US, and the V-Modas cost about $100 US. The UEs are noticeably superior in volume and range, and the B & Os are likewise brighter-sounding, with a more natural tone.

So, I guess my search continues. But if you dig their looks, the V-Moda Remix Remotes are certainly an attractive, feature-rich option for a fair price.


  1. My personal experience of Vmoda is with a pair of Vibe Duo II headphones. They look nice (black not pink) and sound amazing. They also fit snug in my ears, which most ear buds don’t. I can work out and get all sweaty, but these guys stay put. They also integrate nicely with iPhones.

    BUT – and this is a huge but – I would recommend you stay as far away from these headphones and this brand as possible!! I am currently using my 4th set, which it has been like pulling teeth to get replaced. There have been issues with the seemingly sturdy cable and wires that are inside. If it were an Apple product, you could easily get a customer support rep to refund the money or give you a different product. But since it’s merely a product recommended by Apple and sold at Apple stores, you really have to deal with Vmoda. And boy does this company suck at customer service. It’s such a pity because I would have otherwise been a happy and loyal customer/advocate. But when you make defective gear and don’t offer customers a way out, it’s pretty much a relationship ender. I have been lucky enough to get my broken ones replaced. But as someone who treats gadgets like newborn babies, all I really want is a different product. Because if mine are breaking this easily, I can only imagine what happens with someone who actually gets a bit rough with em.

    Let me know if you end up finding the perfect headphones – like a compact/earbud version of the RocNation Aviator. Until that day, my search continues!

  2. Like the previous comment, I too have both loved my V-Moda Vibe Duo’s with regards to sound, but they broke like clockwork (one earbud fades significantly is biggest problem). THAT SAID, my understanding of the differences between the old Vibe Duo’s and these new Remix is that this new offering has addressed those former issues.

    The new cable is slightly thicker and, according to V-Moda, reinforced w/Kevlar. I also read that the testing for these new pair include flexing them about 60,000 times in the effort to prevent cable fraying (most mfg, I understand, test about 10,000 times).

    The biggest final point: V-Moda has awesome customer service!! They have taken care of me each time I’ve contacted them re: problems and replaced my broken pair.

    I am currently waiting for my new Remix pair to arrive and looking forward to it.

  3. I have the V-Moda Vibrato in-ear headphones.
    I love them but I also experienced a frayed cord problem.
    I must say though that the customer service was quite efficient since my Vibrato were smoothly replaced.
    But a year later… I’m still having that frayed cord problem and sending it to V-Moda again.
    I hope the customer service will be as efficient as it used to be that first time…
    They really must do something about that cord. Other than that, it’s an amazing product.

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