Valentine’s Day Gifts for Couples Who Travel

In my household, Valentine’s Day (much like Ron Burgundy in Anchorman) is kind of a big deal.

For that matter, so is travel.

Allow me, then, to present my suggestions for travel-themed gifts for you and your squeeze!

If you both love to visit wine countries — or you’re headed to one for the holiday weekend — the Two-Bottle Tote from Built ($17-20 US) is one-half of a great gift.

The other half? Two bottles of wine from your favorite winery or region, or simply two well-reviewed choices from your upcoming trip.

Bonus advantage to this bright, fun and nearly indestructible neoprene invention? While out on the road, fill it with a couple of wine bottles, nestle it into your suitcase between two layers of clothing, check your bag…and safely “tote” home the spoils of your wine tasting holiday.

Wish you could give her the whole world…but you just don’t have the vacation time this year?

Express your sentiment with the World Links necklace, instead. Available in silver (shown) or gold (both $60 US) from Uncommon Goods, a catalog that specializes in objects that are handmade, eco-friendly and/or uniquely-designed. As a travel piece, this necklace can be pretty delicate, making it more ideal for leisurely trips than outright adventure.

If this year will find you both headed out into the great outdoors to go whale watching, on safari or into the woods for a little birdwatching action, a great pair of binoculars is a gift you can truly share.

On a recent trip to Africa, one of our favorite safari guides swore by this sharply-focused, lightweight pair of Natureview binos from Bushnell (about $100 US). These babies were fought over by several (otherwise sane) adults, and made all the difference when trying to spot a leopard from 100 paces.

If the (female) love of your life is always chilly on vacation, or has merely been on the hunt for that perfectly packable layering piece, she’s sure to love my new favorite piece of clothing: the Bali Inspired Tunic from Fresh Produce ($69 US)

I first discovered this beach resortwear purveyor while wandering along Duval Street in Key West, attracted to the bright, sunny colors and light fabrics in the window. Their hooded, ethnic-print women’s tunic, though, is dark, soft, stretchy, and crease-free, an ideal piece of Spring clothing to wear on a plane, the beach, in the jungle, and even on city breaks. A little form-fitting, it still falls gracefully over my hips; in either black or navy, it looks appropriate for day and night. A bit low-cut to wear on its own (in public, anyway), I’d suggest adding a Soft-Sheen Tank ($28 US).

Adam’s mom and stepdad are headed to Italy in a few short months, and he recently thrilled them with a sexy new piece of luggage. Can’t see why it wouldn’t have the same effect on either of you.

Osprey’s Meridian Series Deluxe Convertible 22″/60 L (about $299 US) is light (only 8 lbs., 11 oz.), durable, rolls in an actual straight line, and is compact enough to fit into an overhead bin. Tech-y and streamlined, it features an interior pouch for travel-sized liquids and a snugly-fitting, zip-off backpack with cushy lumbar straps. While the pack isn’t huge, it’s big enough to schlep what you’ll both want to bring along for day trips and excursions.

For the incurable gadget hound in your life, now’s the time to jump on the new iPhone 4 and Verizon bandwagon ($199-299 US). Throw in an eco-friendly, protective iPhone case from Agent 18 (about $30 US), and you’ve got a good-looking, pocket-sized present that will allow you both to record your trip memories in images, notes and sound…and with any luck, also make a phone call.

To really warm his or her heart, also consider Flight 001’s Grid-It ($22 US), a compact and stretchy carry-all for every electronic gadget they couldn’t possibly leave behind.

While “cuddle class” is the new trend in overnight flights, lie-flat beds for two can still be as hard to find as, well, sleep on an airplane.

For a little extra luxury in the (potential) shut-eye department, spring for the JetRest First Class Couples Pack (£100 UK). Featuring two plush-and-packable cashmere neck pillows and two soft-and-fancy eye masks that will neither bind nor pinch, this gift will allow you both to rest peacefully in style, side-by-side, at 30,000 feet.


  1. What an awesome list and some GREAT ideas! We haven’t celebrated V Day in years, but I may have to start it up again just so I can have that necklace!! Ha! Good work.

  2. I love the necklace! And my boyfriend would definitely love the gadgets carry-on bag! Nice finds!

  3. Cool ideas! We’re going to be in Akaroa this v-day and will probably just celebrate with a nice French meal…can’t carry any extra stuff with us.


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