Off to New York City

Long time no talk…but that’s just because it’s been a long time since I’ve had consistent wi-fi.

Costa Rica has many things – lush jungles, howling monkeys, screeching frogs, crashing waves, endless palm orchards, dramatic thunderstorms – but satellite coverage when it’s cloudy?  Not so much.  So, I’ve contented myself with being on vacation and taking lots of photos.

After a week of beautifully preserved nature without crowds (besides the wedding  party for Adam’s cousin Minona and her new husband, Peter), it’s hard to get my head around the fact that tomorrow Adam and I will each be in one of the largest cities in the world…just not the same city.

As of last night, we‘d arrived in San Jose, the last stop on our Costa Rican trip and itself a bit of a culture shock.

Yesterday, we awoke to the sights and sounds of, well, howling monkeys, screeching frogs and crashing waves amidst a lush jungle on the remote, southern Osa Peninsula.  The eco-lodge El Remanso proved to be the highlight of our drive down the Pacific Coast, and I’ll be sharing it (and the whole trip) with you starting late next week.

We reached San Jose via a gorgeous but turbulent/nauseating one-hour flight from the Osa’s Puerto Jimenez airport, and after a short Nature Air van ride (with Otto the ultra-helpful driver) to our shabby downtown digs, the Hotel Don Carlos, we once again found ourselves in a land of concrete and clear-cut civilization. San Jose is full of grime, faded glory, vibrant murals, wrought iron porticoes, aggressive traffic, smokers, hagglers, and a little elegance.  It’s made for an atmosphere-readjusting transition between the back of beyond and halfway home.

Adam is headed home to Los Angeles today at a reasonable hour, and will spend the weekend throwing a tennis ball for our neglected dog.  After an easy, happy nine days of togetherness in a foreign land, I sadly won’t see his face again until next Tuesday night.

At the crack of dawn this morning I’m off to New York City and TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange), a travel bloggers’ conference that, in its second year, now has big-name sponsors like American Express, public relations agencies footing the bill for cocktail parties, and seminars on everything from monetizing blogs to shooting video to making connections with PR reps. In addition to a reunion with ¾ of my fellow #belizetrip bloggers, there’ll be almost 300 people at this shindig.

Excited to meet folks I’ve heretofore only known through blogs and social media, I feel like I’m going to cyberspace summer camp.

In New York, where I’ll be frolicking around my alma mater (NYU) and staying at the nearby Cooper Square Hotel (now The Standard) (a building that my Aunt Lisa, an NYC local, decries as a blight on the face of historic preservation), I’ll have more wi-fi than free time…

…so, please check out my Twitter (#tbex10) and Facebook pages for updates, be sure to take a look at our photos from Costa Rica — and I’ll see you around here next week!


  1. Hi Melanie
    Kia Orana from Aitutaki. Just wanted to let you know I finally found and have finished reading ‘Blue Latitides’ by Tony Horwitz that you and Adam were reading while you were here. What a great read – he’s a good storyteller. Thanks for recommending it. Hope all is well with you both – when is your next trip to the gorgeous south Pacific?
    Cheers from Paradise

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