Montana: Breathe Deeply Along the Trail of the Cedars

Sometimes L.A. traffic gets us down, but we just think about the cool forest shade of the Trail of the Cedars in Montana’s Glacier National Park…and the breathing room.

Soon we’re transported to a quiet boardwalk that winds it way through ancient trees and across the rushing, ice-blue Avalanche Creek, cradled by layers of moss-dappled stone.  Sure, there are other people around, but everyone is in silent awe of the tallest trees we’ve all seen outside a redwood preserve.  

One deep breath and our lungs are clear of smog and stress and the pressing need to be anywhere else.

In Glacier, the winter snow doesn’t come ’til October…and the high season ends in late September. In other words…there’s still time.  

Fly into Glacier Park International Airport (FCA) in Kalispell, MT, on Delta, Horizon/Alaska, NWA, United or Allegiant.  

Or, take Amtrak to the West Glacier/Belton Station; from the train station, if you choose to stay at the Lake McDonald Lodge or the Village Inn at Apgar, you can catch a ride on a park shuttle.  

Otherwise, you can rent a car at the airport or train station, or take historic Red Bus interpretive tours to points all over the park.


  1. You’ve emphasized how nice the air is and from your photos, I gather that it ain’t too bad on the eyes, either. 🙂

    I’ve never been to Montana, but I’ve heard it’s beautiful. Oddly, many folks that live around my home digs of Western North Carolina flock to Montana each summer.

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