Mammoth, California: Snow + Fun + Food

Frozen-over Lake Mary, one of the Mammoth Lakes, rimmed by the eastern Sierra Nevada

High up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, on the eastern side of Central California, the Mammoth area is like a perfect storm for winter vacationers: enormous mountains, brilliant sunshine most of the time, and relatively mild temperatures. It’s the kind of place where you’re likely to run into New Englanders disappointed by their home-peak elevations and Europeans fed up with the biting cold back on the Continent.

Mammoth is also a magnet for L.A.-area folks who drive here with their SUV trunks full of groceries, hunker down in their condos, and hit the slopes all day. Little has tended to draw these folks and their wallets into town, as Mammoth has long had only a few lodges, bars, restaurants, and shops. City folk and locals don’t tend to engage a lot, and there’s a distinct have/have-not townie vibe.

In other words, it’s a mountain town in California.

Home to some of the most stunning peaks in the state,  Mammoth has never been what you’d call a foodie destination. But now that’s starting to change. 

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Wine Tasting in the Santa Lucia Highlands

Which are…where exactly?

Well, the Santa Lucia Highlands comprise a small section of the Monterey Wine Country, which is:

4 ½ hours north of LA, 2 hours north of San Francisco, and 50 minutes south of Monterey and Carmel, west of the 101 between the towns of Soledad and Chualar.

So, that should answer all your questions — except maybe one:

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Where to Try, Then Buy Wine in LA

Next to leaving town for a wine country crawl, bellying up to the counter at a local wine bar/store is our idea of a good time — a stay-at-home vacation with global benefits, if you will.

In an evening or afternoon of wine tasting in Los Angeles, we can experience Australia, Italy, Argentina, France, Spain, and more…then go home to catch up on our DVR queue. [Read more…]

Northern California: Napa & Sonoma

We like wine. Specifically, Adam likes to drink it and I like to learn about it, think about it, seek it out and hunt it down.

Known collectively as the California Wine Country (though not, by all means, the only ones in the state), the Napa & Sonoma Valleys are excellent places to do all of this…

…while you’re still alert and upright.


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