TWT Travel Binder: Washington

Here are some resources to help you plan your own “travels with two” to Washington State.

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TWT Travel Binder: Washington, D.C.

I was born and bred in Washington, D.C., and we go at least once a year to visit family and friends
and see what’s new at the art museums of the Smithsonian.

It’s a town full of history, culture, water, woods, green space…and romance.

Head to our favorite D.C. restaurant, Lebanese Taverna, in Woodley Park.
Stop into Politics & Prose to hear readings by some of the country’s greatest writers.
Ogle the mansions of D.C.’s political elite in elegant Chevy Chase,
and the stunning, soaring windows and stonework of the National Cathedral.

Even if you’ve missed the early April bloom of the famous cherry blossoms, you can still meander through the best of Spring’s flowers at the National Arboretum and foresty Rock Creek Park.

Here are some resources to help you plan your own “travels with two”
to Washington. D.C.

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Top 5 Spots for Romance in D.C.

Today is Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration, and I feel a swell of pride that I was able to grow up in Washington, D.C. (Thanks, Mom and Dad.)

D.C’s such a prestigious, vibrant city — the kind of place people travel to from all over the world to visit — but in honor of the new President and First Lady, I thought I’d spotlight the fact that it’s also steeped in romance. [Read more…]

Between D.C. and the Deep Blue Sea

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History is just about adjacent to the Washington Monument.  If you’re heading to Washington, D.C. for Obama’s inauguration and plan on standing outside in the cold with millions of other Americans, we’d recommend taking warm shelter in a side trip — to the whole of the universe. [Read more…]