Western Canada: Amuse Bistro on Vancouver Island


Continued from Touring Farms and Wineries on Vancouver Island  

After a late-May 2008 day of eating and drinking our way through Vancouver Island’s Cowichan Valley with Kathy McAree of Travel With Taste, it was at last time to sit down and have a proper lunch.  Fortunately for us, Kathy took us to the Slow Food mecca of Amuse Bistro in nearby Shawnigan Lake.   


The baby of American-born Brad Boisvert, a Culinary Institute of the Arts graduate who was brought to Vancouver Island by our hotel, The Aerie, and his wife Leah Bellerive, Amuse is a little gem where just about everything that’s used in the kitchen is locally sourced; some of the produce even comes from Brad and Leah’s home vegetable and herb garden next door.   [Read more…]

Western Canada: Touring Farms and Wineries on Vancouver Island

Continued from Up to the Aerie, Vancouver Island

One morning of our late-May stay on Vancouver Island, we joined Kathy McAree of Travel With Taste for a full day’s tour of the Island’s winery-and-farm-filled Cowichan Valley.

Oh yes, there were cheeses. And breads. And wines, hard cider and a three-course lunch. There was also weeping, but of a purely joyful variety.

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