Weird House of Cambria: Nitt Witt Ridge

Some of you may remember that Adam and I love ourselves a weird house.  Well, Cambria, on the Central California Coast, has one of the weirdest we’ve ever seen.

It’s called Nitt Witt Ridge…and it just might inspire you not to throw your trash away.

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Weird Houses of LA: Santa Monica

Adam and I lived in Santa Monica — a half-hour’s walk from the Pacific Ocean in westside Los Angeles — for five years. By the time we left in 1999, nothing weird had ever really happened in our neighborhood.

A mere three years later, this madcap creation was devised just seven blocks away from our old house. For several decades, it had been a plain old 1930s Bungalow, a common sight in this sprawling beachside town.

But then Louise Farnam discovered art.

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