TWT Travel Binder: California

I live in California and love it dearly.  

I’m based in Los Angeles, but gravitate repeatedly to the gorgeous center of the state. 

California is almost a country unto itself, and full of adventures.

Here are some resources to help you plan your own “travels with two” to California.

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Three Great Malibu Beaches

Windward Beach at Point Dume

Less than a mile north of Kanan Dume Road (also known as Latigo Canyon), you’ll find three great Malibu beaches in a row.

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The Far Northern End of Malibu

View from PCH, just past County Line

Along Pacific Coast Highway from Broad Beach to the Ventura County Line, the northern stretch of Malibu, California feels windswept, remote and exciting.

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Malibu via Latigo Canyon

Latigo Canyon, otherwise known as Kanan-Dume Road,  is the northernmost direct canyon artery from the 101, connecting Agoura Hills with Malibu.

Here you’ll find unusual rock formations, vivid yellow wildflowers in Spring, the best mountain views, but also the most nauseously winding route. It’s the top choice for motorcycle riders, and you’re bound to see a lot of them.

You’ll also see a lot of mansions, and as in other places along the 27-mile stretch of Malibu, you might marvel at the myopic logic of building them in a place where huge hillside fires are a yearly occurrence.

As with all things in Malibu, enjoy them for now.

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Malibu via Malibu Canyon

Las Virgenes Road in Malibu Canyon

Malibu Canyon, the Las Virgenes Road exit off the 101, links Calabasas to Malibu — and is Adam’s and my route of choice.

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