Paris in 8 Days: The Ultimate Itinerary

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Free Trip to Paris + 3 Weeks = Winter Tour of Europe

Photo by Stephane Enten

Photo by Stephane Enten

So, as I was saying:  Back in 2003 we won a trip to Paris…for a weekend.

From a raffle benefiting the Saban Free Clinic, our prize was two round-trip tickets from L.A. on Air France and two nights at the Four Seasons George V. Nothing to shake a stick at, just a little short for 12 hours of flight time.

To my surprise, Adam suggested we turn our airfare windfall into a 3-week grand tour of Brussels, Bruges, Amsterdam, London and ultimately, Paris.  I managed to turn our short Paris weekend into 8 exciting days in January 2004.

Here’s what we did:

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TWT Travel Binder: France

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