Weird Houses of LA: A Series

Discovering a truly weird house is like traveling to another world. And Los Angeles, dear readers, is full of different worlds.

There are few things Adam and I love to do more than tool around and gawk at houses. In fact, we looked at 43 homes before committing to our present, beloved cottage of 10 years in the LA neighborhood of Studio City.  

Since then, we’ve found ourselves ogling homes in some pretty far-flung places.  Here in LA, though, we largely do it in-between trips, to soothe our wanderlust.   [Read more…]

Where to Try, Then Buy Wine in LA

Next to leaving town for a wine country crawl, bellying up to the counter at a local wine bar/store is our idea of a good time — a stay-at-home vacation with global benefits, if you will.

In an evening or afternoon of wine tasting in Los Angeles, we can experience Australia, Italy, Argentina, France, Spain, and more…then go home to catch up on our DVR queue. [Read more…]

The 5 Best Cocktails in LA

It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, my grandfather-in-law used to say…before fixing himself another gin and tonic.

Here’s a Los Angeles cocktail for each and every clock. [Read more…]