Weird Houses of LA: Laurel Canyon


The architectural shell game pictured here can be found at 8582 Lookout Mountain Avenue, in the Los Angeles neighborhood known as Laurel Canyon

Tucked back into an area known locally as Wonderland, this nutty concoction, owned by a rental car heiress, fits right into a neighborhood steeped in a long, wacky and lurid history. [Read more…]

Weird Houses of LA: A Series

Discovering a truly weird house is like traveling to another world. And Los Angeles, dear readers, is full of different worlds.

There are few things Adam and I love to do more than tool around and gawk at houses. In fact, we looked at 43 homes before committing to our present, beloved cottage of 10 years in the LA neighborhood of Studio City.  

Since then, we’ve found ourselves ogling homes in some pretty far-flung places.  Here in LA, though, we largely do it in-between trips, to soothe our wanderlust.   [Read more…]