Travel Gear: RHA MA350 Earphones vs. Klipsch Image S4 In-Ear Headphones

A few months ago, my beloved earphones, the ULTIMATE EARS TripleFi 10 by Logitech, started to fray by their rubber cords — and then stopped transmitting sound. I was preparing for a trip at the time, and decided it was time for a brand new pair; however, not only have the TripleFi 10s been discontinued, but they had originally been a gift that retail for…$400.

I felt I could do better. (Better than $400, anyway.) So, I purchased a pair of the Klipsch Image S4 In-Ear Headphones.

The next day, I was approached by a British audio company called RHA, and asked to review their MA350 noise-isolating earphones. They looked very different from the ones I’d just bought, so I said I’d be happy to give them a try.

Now that I’ve had an opportunity to compare these two sets of earphones over a few months — both on airplanes and while taking long walks — here is my review.

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