Strange Shrines of the Peloponnese

Roadside shrines in the Peloponnese peninsula

In early September  2005, with Louisiana and Mississippi under watery siege back in the U.S., we were drifting, hollow-eyed and worried, around Greece.  Turns out, Greece was a little hollow-eyed, as well.

Odd metal boxes perched on posts line the dusty, precarious roadsides of Greece’s southern mainland, the Peloponnese.  Few are exactly the same size and shape, but most have little doors that allow you to see inside.  Some contain letters, candles, or fake flowers, others what seem to be bits of trash and faded images of ikons.  Most stand apart from civilization, sometimes in clusters, more often all alone.

At first I mistook them for art objects, akin to the dioramas I create.  Each seemed dedicated to anything from Coca Cola to the Virgin Mary, a not-altogether bizarre pairing for an American sensibility.

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It’s Always the Quiet Ones

The Greek island of Santorini

A few years back, after a week on our own driving around mainland Greece, Adam and I took a small yacht cruise amongstthe Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. There were only 23 other passengers, and we were both excited and a little nervous to travel with a group of strangers for the first time.

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A Little Romantic Travel Can Last a Lifetime

Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris

Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris

I’m proud to announce that Travels With Two has been chosen as the inimitable Isabelle’s Travel Guide‘s Blogger of the Week!

My guest post for Isabelle, A Little Romantic Travel Can Last a Lifetime, is up now.

Have a look at this story of a famous writer’s once-in-a-lifetime trip to Paris, then see if you’re not inspired to book that dream trip you’re always saying you don’t have the time or money to take…

Thank you to Isabelle for choosing TWT, and thanks to you for reading!

Adventures in the Front of the Plane

Air New Zealand first class, Rarotonga to Auckland

We just celebrated our 10th anniversary with a trip to the Cook Islands.  For the long journey and special occasion, we used some of our airline miles to book — for the first time in our lives — seats in the front of the plane.

The challenge now?  Forgetting how business class feels…as we head on back to coach.

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Welcome to the Brand New Travels With Two!

On Rarotonga's Cross-Island Trek, August 15, 2009

This new incarnation of The Travel Blog for Couples offers more information to help inspire and aid your travels…and travel fantasies.

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