Exploring Downtown Paso Robles


Historic mural at the Paso Robles Inn

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 A Road Trip to Paso Robles

Paso Robles, a ranch and winery town set halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, is my favorite getaway destination in the state of California.

I use the Spanish pronounciation, “Pahhso Rrroh-bless,” instead of the more local/gringo “Pass-o Roe-bulls.” Either way you say it, though, it simply means: “The Pass of the Oaks.” 

Though I’d visited Paso Robles many times before, this was the first time I stayed in the area’s sweet, small and historic downtown.

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Road Trip to Paso Robles

Paso Robles Road Sign

My favorite road trip escape is the rolling wine country of Paso Robles, California

I call it “my happy place.” 

This sleepy, more-Western-than-thou landscape is set halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and makes a great getaway on its own or as part of a journey around the state’s Central Coast. 

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TWT Travel Binder: California

I live in California and love it dearly.  

I’m based in Los Angeles, but gravitate repeatedly to the gorgeous center of the state. 

California is almost a country unto itself, and full of adventures.

Here are some resources to help you plan your own “travels with two” to California.

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