TWT Travel Binder: British Columbia

Our 2008 trip to British Columbia was incredible:
Clean air, astonishing mountains, spectacular gardens,
shimmering bays and deep forests,
with nesting eagles and candied salmon to boot.

Here are some resources to help you plan your own “travels with two” to British Columbia.

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Western Canada: Johnston Canyon

Continued from Oh, Yoho

At popular Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park, we parked and took the 1/2 mile woodland path and catwalk alongside rushing, mineral-green Johnston Creek to its lower set of waterfalls.  

The Canyon is a big tourist draw in any season, giving us a taste of what high season might be like at every park attraction.  

However, it’s full of people because it’s absolutely worth a visit, as it has the most easily accessible falls in Banff National Park; it requires no one to helicopter in to rescue you.   [Read more…]

Western Canada: Oh, Yoho

Continued from The Road To Golden

Note:  Our trip to Canada was taken in May 2008

We left our cozy base in Banff’s Lake Louise, drove the length of Kootenay National Park, took The Road to Golden, and headed back up through British Columbia’s small and stunning Yoho National Park.  

Darn good set of choices.

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