TWT Travel Binder: California

I live in California and love it dearly.  

I’m based in Los Angeles, but gravitate repeatedly to the gorgeous center of the state. 

California is almost a country unto itself, and full of adventures.

Here are some resources to help you plan your own “travels with two” to California.

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A Weekend of Wine in Paso Robles


The grapevines at Jada, a winery in Paso Robles, California

We hadn’t been to our favorite California wine region, Paso Robles, in over a year…and so it was time.

In the past year, there’s been an explosion of new wineries in this valley (a climate similar to France’s Cotes du Rhône), with more on the way.

We just spent a blissful weekend trying some of what’s new in the area, as well as what’s simply new to us.


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