Adventures in California Wine Country: Sonoma County – Part Two


The Plaza Street Mural illustrates the history of Healdsburg, California

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Adventures in California Wine Country: Sonoma County – Part One


My friend Jen Miner and I recently returned from a research trip (no, seriously) to Northern California wine country. We were sent by  The Wine Institute to discover the joys of California Wine Month…or as most people call it, “September.”

September is indeed a gorgeous time to visit Sonoma County, home to over 250 wineries and the town of Healdsburg. The grape harvest has just begun, so some vines have been picked clean, while others hang heavy with fruit. Mornings are cool and overcast, midday is sunny, and by 4:30 p.m., the sky starts to turn golden.

The even better news? Sonoma County should also be pretty darn stunning in October and November.

For a little Healdsburg travel-planning inspiration, consider indulging in a winery’s custom-made wine pairing menu, and appreciating a little local art. Y’know, like we did. 

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TWT Travel Binder: California

I live in California and love it dearly.  

I’m based in Los Angeles, but gravitate repeatedly to the gorgeous center of the state. 

California is almost a country unto itself, and full of adventures.

Here are some resources to help you plan your own “travels with two” to California.

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