Aitutaki Discovery Safari Tours: Story of an Island, Part 1

On our recent trip to Aitutaki, the second-largest of the Cook Islands, we didn’t rent a car or moped, but still wanted to go exploring as much as possible.  Aitutaki Discovery Safari Tours not only showed us most of this lush, green island, but taught us about the ancient culture of the Cook Islands Maori people.  

We’d recommend it to anyone who travels to this distant part of paradise.

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Cook Islands: Scenes from Aitutaki

Aitutaki, the second largest of the Cook Islands, is one of the most laid-back places we’ve ever been.

Exploring the island for four days during Oceania’s winter, we felt a little sun, a little wind and a lot of peace. It offers the perfect combination of nature, cultural exploration…and pure sloth.

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