Western Canada: Salt Spring Island

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Touring Farms and Wineries on Vancouver Island
Amuse Bistro on Vancouver Island

Salt Spring Island is a perfect day trip from the southern edge of Vancouver Island in British Columbia.  

Take your car across by ferry and either wend your way straight across, stopping to taste local wine, cheese, and baked goods, shop for t-shirts and stuff from the Far East, or just have a good time getting as lost as you can…on an island.  

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Western Canada: Touring Farms and Wineries on Vancouver Island

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One morning of our late-May stay on Vancouver Island, we joined Kathy McAree of Travel With Taste for a full day’s tour of the Island’s winery-and-farm-filled Cowichan Valley.

Oh yes, there were cheeses. And breads. And wines, hard cider and a three-course lunch. There was also weeping, but of a purely joyful variety.

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Santa Barbara’s Urban Wine Trail

We’re delighted to have just discovered the Santa Barbara Urban Wine Trail, where we fell in love with four different wineries…and that’s just the four we tried. [Read more…]

A Spring Drive Through the American South – Part One

If you’re worried the best of Spring might pass you by, we’ve got a trip that will reconnect you not only to each other…but to the history of America, as well.

Drive yourselves from Washington, D.C.  to Charlottesville, VA, Asheville, NC, Charleston, SC, and Savannah, Georgia for full-blown immersion in mountains, flowers, forests, swamps, fine old homes, Low Country cuisine, and even wine from America’s oldest vines.

We reckon it’s time to jump on in the car and see the South for yourself.

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Tasting the Anderson Valley

Northern California’s Anderson Valley wine region, a 2 1/2 hour drive north of San Francisco, runs 18 miles along State 128 through a quiet, cozy wedge of woodland countryside.  It’s less traveled than Napa or Sonoma, but offers friendly people, rustic architecture, and some darn good wines.

It’s perfect for getting away from any city you can think of, and hearing yourself think.  Especially if you want to think about wine. [Read more…]