Weird Houses of LA: Santa Monica

Adam and I lived in Santa Monica — a half-hour’s walk from the Pacific Ocean in westside Los Angeles — for five years. By the time we left in 1999, nothing weird had ever really happened in our neighborhood.

A mere three years later, this madcap creation was devised just seven blocks away from our old house. For several decades, it had been a plain old 1930s Bungalow, a common sight in this sprawling beachside town.

But then Louise Farnam discovered art.

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Weird Houses of LA: Silver Lake

Silver Lake (or Silverlake), is one of the oldest, funkiest and most artsy neighborhoods in Los Angeles

Its weirdest house, the wavy, mosaic-crusted Burrows House, could just as well be its icon.  

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Weird Houses of LA: Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills has long been about creating your own version of fantasy. Makes sense, then, that there are a whole slew of houses here that vie for the “weird” title.  

In the interest of bringing you the best, though, I’ll narrow that list down to two.

O’Neill House (partially pictured here) is firmly entrenched in the art nouveau fantasy of Antoni Gaudi, and of its visionary owner, who never lived to see it completed.

The Witch’s House (pictured below), is a fantasy from the silent film era — and was originally situated miles away before being moved here.  

After all, in this world-famous neighborhood, you can have anything you want delivered.

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Weird Houses of LA: Studio City


When you think of L.A., I’m willing to bet cash money that the Hollywood sign, Santa Monica, and the Sunset Strip would come to mind before a quiet little suburb…that just happens to be home to hordes of celebrities.  

That’s why I’d like to give a shout out for my very own L.A. neighborhood, Studio City.

While there are a handful of weird houses dotted around Studio City’s hills, my personal pick is this organic mosaic creation, found on flat land at 4233 Rhodes Avenue

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Weird Houses of LA: Laurel Canyon


The architectural shell game pictured here can be found at 8582 Lookout Mountain Avenue, in the Los Angeles neighborhood known as Laurel Canyon

Tucked back into an area known locally as Wonderland, this nutty concoction, owned by a rental car heiress, fits right into a neighborhood steeped in a long, wacky and lurid history. [Read more…]