A Philippine Comedy of Errors: Part Six

The Tam-An rice terraces below the Bananue Hotel

The Tam-An rice terraces below the Banaue Hotel

Continued from
A Philippine Comedy of Errors: Part Five


Thanks for hanging in with me this far, folks. For your trouble, you’ll get to see some cool photos of rice terraces and a tribal village.

That is, the reasons anyone might actually travel all the way to the Cordillera Mountains of the Philippines.

Also ahead? A summary of my correspondence with the travel agencies (because it turns out there were two) that planned this trip. 

That is, before they disappeared mid-trip, never to be heard from again. 

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A Philippine Comedy of Errors: Part One

The bridge over the (former) waters of the Guihod Natural Pool in Hapao, Philippines

Pausing before a not-yet-completed bridge spanning a rocky little stream bed, I watched a weary construction team haul steel bars from one side to the other. Kelly, a 25 year-old guide from a tribe native to this mountainous region of the Philippines, sat up straight in the front seat of the jeepney and pointed off to the left.

“This used to be the Guihod Natural Pool. It was very good for swimming.”

I furrowed my brow, recalling having seen “Guihod Natural Pool” listed on that day’s travel itinerary.

“So…no one can swim here anymore?”

Kelly turned around to face me. “Oh, no — it was filled in two years ago to make way for this bridge.”

And that’s the moment when I knew for sure:

The travel agents who planned this trip had never actually been here.

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