The Coastal Wrap Cardigan by Fresh Produce: My New Favorite Travel Layer

Me and my Fresh Produce Coastal Wrap Cardigan at a riverside bar in Zadar, Croatia

I’ve fallen in love with a light and simple piece of clothing, the Coastal Wrap Cardigan by Fresh Produce.

Ladies, this one’s technically for you — but guys, if you’re looking for a great gift for a traveling woman in your life, look no further.

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Book Giveaway: 1,000 Places To See Before You Die


Hello, dear readers!

I’m freshly back from a month abroad, and am happy to report that the world is still out there for you to see.

To inspire your wanderlust: I’m giving away 3 copies of the hugely popular travel book, 1,000 Places to See Before You Die!

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Our Favorite iPhone Travel Apps: Part Three

It’s possible that between us, we have 50+ iPhone apps that relate to travel. 

Here are another five of the ones we find most useful — and hope you will, too.

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Passports with Purpose 2011

It’s that time again, folks:

The travel bloggers’ annual fundraiser, Passports with Purpose!

In its 4th year, the goal is to raise $80,000 to build two libraries in Zambia.

The raffle will be open Wednesday, November 30th through Friday, December 16th and there are fabulous travel-themed prizes to be won.

My own prize contribution is a great weekend bag from Lug, one of my favorite travel gear companies.

Now…let’s all get to donating, shall we?

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Get Away with Travalo

When traveling, a whole new world of smells are part of the experience, and yet…not always welcome.

I was delighted, then, to discover an ideal odor-defense mechanism: an ingenious little gizmo called a Travalo now allows me to roam the world with my favorite perfume in tow.


And yay for you, I’m giving one away — along with a chance to win a $400 flight voucher!

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