Museums LA: Visit Los Angeles Museums for Free


Chris Burden’s “Urban Light,” an installation of salvaged street lamps at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

I’ve lived in L.A. since ’93, and feel very proud of my city’s cultural offerings.

(And no, I don’t mean the Kardashians. But you’re very funny.)

I love our wide array of museums, featuring everything from art to rare books, history and random ephemera.

And huzzah:

Now through November 11, when you book two or more “Museums LA” nights at participating Los Angeles hotels, you receive two free admissions to 30 of L.A.’s most prestigious museums!

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Time Travel: Caulfield’s at the Thompson Beverly Hills

Literary mural at Caulfield's Restaurant in Beverly Hills

Hotel restaurants in Los Angeles generally provide a swanky night out, even for locals. These days, they’re where couples go to be seen booth-canoodling while drinking artful cocktails and elegantly mainlining macaroni and cheese.

Caulfield’s Restaurant at the Thompson Beverly Hills hits all these notes, providing a romantic evening out in L.A. that feels removed from its busy city street corner — as well as from the present day.

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Utterly Bazaar: SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills

Private guest entrance for the SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills

Who doesn’t love a little theater now again?  Well, we do.

And amidst the styli-verse of L.A.’s SLS, you can find a full-blown production: Sometimes cool and quiet, sometimes funny and warm, and sometimes…breaking out in song at the top of its lungs.

Watch a human parade that will challenge your grasp of what’s cool.   Indulge your inner child with whimsical toys, or indulge each other with feathers and pasties.  See an olive get broken apart and formed anew as…an olive.

Safe to say, this place is a complete trip.

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Weird Houses of LA: Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills has long been about creating your own version of fantasy. Makes sense, then, that there are a whole slew of houses here that vie for the “weird” title.  

In the interest of bringing you the best, though, I’ll narrow that list down to two.

O’Neill House (partially pictured here) is firmly entrenched in the art nouveau fantasy of Antoni Gaudi, and of its visionary owner, who never lived to see it completed.

The Witch’s House (pictured below), is a fantasy from the silent film era — and was originally situated miles away before being moved here.  

After all, in this world-famous neighborhood, you can have anything you want delivered.

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