Central California: The Santa Maria Wine Valley


About 20 minutes up above Santa Barbara, the Santa Maria Wine Valley is peppered with gorgeous driving, great food and sweet little places to shop.

And if you’re into wine? Boy, are you two in for a treat.

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Central California: The Santa Ynez Wine Valley

View from the tasting room at Lafond Winery, Buellton, California

In the Santa Ynez Wine Valley, 40 minutes north of  Santa Barbara in Central California, the game plan is easy:

Pick up two wine glasses, gaze up at a windmill and head off down a garden path.

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Off to California

True, we live in Los Angeles, but this week is about experiencing two wholly different versions of California:

ranch resort in the Santa Barbara wine country and a garden cottage in Marin County.

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Santa Barbara’s Urban Wine Trail

We’re delighted to have just discovered the Santa Barbara Urban Wine Trail, where we fell in love with four different wineries…and that’s just the four we tried. [Read more…]