Road Trip to Paso Robles

Paso Robles Road Sign

My favorite road trip escape is the rolling wine country of Paso Robles, California

I call it “my happy place.” 

This sleepy, more-Western-than-thou landscape is set halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and makes a great getaway on its own or as part of a journey around the state’s Central Coast. 

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Big Sur, Revisited – Part Two

Continued from
Big Sur, Revisited – Part One


Big Sur, California in the daytime is — fires or no — always epic.

Close to land, the water is like mottled turquoise, islands of olive sea kelp floating on milky puffs of light blue soaking sand. Stretching out towards Asia, teal blends to azure.

Here, Highway 1 often snakes hundreds of feet above the ocean and yet sometimes only inches from the shore. It winds past rolling hills of pasture and through deep dark woods, an impossible engineering experiment that actually worked. [Read more…]

Big Sur, Revisited – Part One

We were going to Big Sur this past Fourth of July weekend…but along with much of California, it was on fire.

So, we went this past weekend, instead. And while some hilltops are disquieting charcoal briquettes, you’ll be happy to know that (in general) the clifftop, river-ribboned, fern-canyoned, Pacific Ocean glory of Big Sur is still drop-dead gorgeous.

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Central California: Big Sur

Just another overlook in Big Sur

Big Sur, 300 miles/5 hours from LA and the northernmost point of Central California, is flat out gorgeous. Scattered along a precarious cliff’s edge overlooking the vast Pacific Ocean, the battle here is to keep your eyes on Highway 1 and away from the incredible views.

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The Best of Central California

The ubiquitous California Valley Oak

We get away to Central California as often as we can — it’s a couples’ paradise, with driving routes that hug both the Pacific Ocean and gently sloping hills dotted with gnarled trees.

Within this region of the state you’ll find pristine beaches, historic towns and buildings, excellent wineries, a great meal here and there, sweeping views, little inns, posh resorts, and the new millenium phenomenon known as “upscale camping.”

With all of its attractions between 2 and 5 hours north of Los Angeles, it’s easy to take regular two- or three-day weekends and always feel like you had a true vacation.

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