Be Afraid, Lamb Chop: Primitive Outdoor Skills at Canyon Ranch

Stuffed puppets set up for a stick-throwing drill at Arizona's Canyon Ranch

Stuffed puppets set up for a stick-throwing drill at Arizona’s Canyon Ranch

Ever dreamed of learning to make fire? Or quieting your thoughts so that you can see your surroundings in a whole new way? Or, say, murdering stuffed puppets with a throwing stick?

My dear friend and I learned to do all this (and more) by participating in the Primitive Outdoor Skills Program held twice a year at Tucson, Arizona’s famed spa and wellness resort, Canyon Ranch.

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Coming Attractions

The year’s soon coming to a close, and I find myself with way more freelance travel writing work than time for creating blog posts. Happily, my present work is fun, but I’ve been feeling itchy for these electronic pages…and I want to assure you that I’m still here!

Here’s what’s coming soon to Travels With Two:

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Driving the American West: Mojave Desert to the Grand Canyon

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon


Continued from
Go West, I Said

The first two days of my road trip around the American West were just spectacular:

There were tumbleweeds, Joshua trees and enormous crows beneath a metal-bright blue sky.

I raced mile-long technicolor trains and waved to other drivers, grinning like a fool.

I stayed the night in a former brothel along Route 66, where I had a damn fine cappuccino.

And then I walked along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, eyes agog.

It’s really good out here.

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Go West, I Said

Call it a test of my own gumption or a simple thirst for adventure:

I’m hopping in my car and hitting the road to explore the American West!

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Desert Getaway: The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain

The main pool at The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain in Arizona

I recently stayed in a unique resort that allowed me to explore Arizona’s Sonoran Desert while never straying far from a pool, spa or cocktail.

The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain is 90 minutes from Phoenix, 30 minutes outside Tucson, and in the middle of saguaro-cactus nowhere. But for couples looking to utterly escape their usual grinds, it’s relaxing, surprisingly educational and pretty darn romantic.

Oh, yes…and there are s’mores. [Read more…]