A Love Letter to Philly – Part Two

Philadelphia's Magic Garden - mentioned in Part One

Detail from Philadelphia’s Magic Garden (mentioned in A Love Letter to Philly – Part One)

Recently, my friend/colleague Jen Jones Donatelli traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her husband, Joe, on behalf of Travels With Two. Please enjoy reading more about her discoveries in Philly!

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A Love Letter to Philly – Part One

Dear Philly,

You didn’t think we’d stop at Fishtown and Bella Vista, did you?

Joe and I may have only had a few days, but we were determined to see as much of you as possible on our “XOXO Philly” adventure. And, as we explored the Northern Liberties and Graduate Hospital neighborhoods, I realized I couldn’t fight this feeling any longer – Philadelphia, to know you is to love you.

Here are five more big reasons why:

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A Love Letter to Philly – Part One


Robert Indiana’s famous LOVE sculpture, in Philadelphia’s John F. Kennedy Plaza

Recently, my friend and colleague Jen Jones Donatelli traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her husband, Joe, on behalf of Travels With Two. Please enjoy reading about her fun/delicious discoveries in Philly!

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Dear Philly (can I call you Phil?):

When Melanie shared your invite to explore you as part of your “XOXO Philly” campaign, I’m not gonna lie—I was pretty pumped. After all, my only exposure to you had been watching Rocky over and over as a kid and (as an adult) consuming ample amounts of Art in the Age spirits at tastings here in L.A.

My husband Joe and I were happy to take on this assignment for Travels With Two, excited for the opportunity to say sayonara to typical tourist itineraries and make our own way through Philadelphia’s outlying, trendier neighborhoods.

What we found was a city filled with creativity, true grit, lots to eat and really great beer.

So how do I love thee, Philly? Let me count the ways…

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36 (Fun and Food-Filled) Hours in Philadelphia

Dear readers, I’m in Maryland, having just buried my beloved uncle and now helping to tend to my ailing father. Since I’ve been distracted away from ye olde blog this week, I gratefully accepted my friend Mara Gorman’s (The Mother of All Trips) offer of a guest post. I’ll soon resume a more regular schedule, but in the meantime, I truly hope you enjoy Mara’s writing and travel advice as much as I do.


LOVE signs in Philadelphia

LOVE signs in Philadelphia

Here’s a myth: To really relax, you need at least ten days of vacation.

As a busy parent of two busy boys, though, weekends away are often the only option for me and my husband.

Luckily for me, I’m a big believer in the restorative qualities of a quick getaway, and since I live smack in between New York City and Washington, DC I have lots of options when it comes to an urban retreat. And so, a cold spring weekend found my husband Matt and I dropping our children at my sister’s house outside of Reading, Pennsylvania and heading for downtown Philadelphia for a sybaritic, if short, visit.

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The Garden Conservancy’s Open Days

This past weekend, we took a brief break from some epic spring cleaning to check out The Garden Conservancy‘s first Open Days event of the year in the Los Angeles area.

Held all over the United States each year between March and November, Open Days allow you to snoop around other people’s backyards and/or find landscaping inspiration while simultaneously raising money to provide and preserve garden spaces across the country. It’s a fun, romantic and altruistic outing, whether you’re traveling in a different city or simply exploring your own. [Read more…]

TWT Travel Binder: Pennsylvania

Here are some resources to help you plan your own “travels with two” to Pennsylvania.

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