Wine Tasting in Chile: San Antonio Valley – Part Two


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Wine Tasting in Chile: San Antonio Valley – Part One


The second (and last) stop of my day tour of Chile’s San Antonio wine valley with Santiago Adventures was one of my favorite experiences in Chile:

A small gem of an independent winery named Casa Marín

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Wine Tasting in Chile: San Antonio Valley – Part One


The San Antonio wine valley glimpsed from on high at Matetic Vineyards

Toward the central-west of Chile, set just about halfway between coastal Valparaíso and landlocked Santiago, the emerging San Antonio Valley makes a relaxing, delicious wine tasting side trip from either city.

You could certainly take yourselves around this well-marked wine area, but I’d recommend leaving the driving, the tasting appointments, behind-the-scenes winery tours, and food arrangements to Chilean tour company Santiago Adventures

They’re extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and perhaps most importantly, will enable you to drink as much hard-to-find-anywhere-else wine as you’d like…without having to simultaneously navigate the Southern Hemisphere. 

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Coming Attractions

The year’s soon coming to a close, and I find myself with way more freelance travel writing work than time for creating blog posts. Happily, my present work is fun, but I’ve been feeling itchy for these electronic pages…and I want to assure you that I’m still here!

Here’s what’s coming soon to Travels With Two:

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Off to Chile

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I started the year with only one firm travel goal: 

Visiting South America for the first time.

Tomorrow, I’m off to meet that goal in the long, skinny country of Chile!

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