Wine Tasting in Chile: San Antonio Valley – Part Two


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Wine Tasting in Chile: San Antonio Valley – Part One


The second (and last) stop of my day tour of Chile’s San Antonio wine valley with Santiago Adventures was one of my favorite experiences in Chile:

A small gem of an independent winery named Casa Marín

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Wine Tasting in Chile: San Antonio Valley – Part One


The San Antonio wine valley glimpsed from on high at Matetic Vineyards

Toward the central-west of Chile, set just about halfway between coastal Valparaíso and landlocked Santiago, the emerging San Antonio Valley makes a relaxing, delicious wine tasting side trip from either city.

You could certainly take yourselves around this well-marked wine area, but I’d recommend leaving the driving, the tasting appointments, behind-the-scenes winery tours, and food arrangements to Chilean tour company Santiago Adventures

They’re extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and perhaps most importantly, will enable you to drink as much hard-to-find-anywhere-else wine as you’d like…without having to simultaneously navigate the Southern Hemisphere. 

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Coming Attractions

The year’s soon coming to a close, and I find myself with way more freelance travel writing work than time for creating blog posts. Happily, my present work is fun, but I’ve been feeling itchy for these electronic pages…and I want to assure you that I’m still here!

Here’s what’s coming soon to Travels With Two:

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Palacio Astoreca Hotel: A Palace in Valparaiso, Chile

One small, ornate corner of Valparaiso’s Palacio Astoreca Hotel

The sprawling city of Valparaíso, Chile is undergoing a large-scale renaissance, from its coastal flatlands to its 43 some-odd hilltops. Preservation efforts are peeling back layers of Valpo’s faded vintage glory and giving it a sharper, more artistic focus.

The splendid, 23-room Palacio Astoreca Hotel makes the ideal poster child for these efforts, while also serving as an emblem of Valparaíso’s elegant, cosmopolitan prime. It’s like a big red symbol of local pride overlooking the Pacific Ocean. 

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Valparaiso, Chile: The Technicolor City


Valparaiso, Chile’s Cerro Allegre as seen from the Palacio Astoreca

Ninety minutes northwest of the Santiago Airport and right on the Pacific Ocean, Valparaíso, Chile sprawls up and over 43 hills in a South American version of San Francisco. The entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, slowly being rescued from a moldering state of elegant decay, its buildings painted like a cross between an outdoor art museum and a basket of Easter eggs.

Requiring sturdy walking shoes and a willingness to keep your eyes open to detail and design, an exploration of the winding streets, funiculars, harbor, seafood and architecture here was one of my all-time favorite urban adventures

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