Robert’s Grove: Seaside in Belize

The dock at Robert’s Grove Beach Resort, Placencia, Belize

With the end of the Mayan calendar on its way at the end of 2012, seems like I can’t crack open a blog post without reading of the splendors of Belize, the birthplace of Mayan civilization.

I have to agree with the sentiment that Belize is a lush, beautiful country full of friendly people and delicious food. I merely ask, why wait ’til the global apocalypse to go there?

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Ambergris Caye: The Two Sides of San Pedro

One of the places in Belize I’d return to in less than a heartbeat?  San Pedrothe largest town on Ambergris Caye (pronounced key), an island off the north coast in the wide, blue-green Caribbean Sea.

The word may be out on this (formerly) quiet fishing village, but you’re never more than a short stroll away from a bit of peace, a little elegance and a drop-dead gorgeous meal. If I close my eyes, I can just about feel the soft white sand between my toes…

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Ka’ana: A Belizean Sense of Place


Ka’ana’s La Ceiba Restaurant

All our favorite trips have the same thing in common: we return home with the sense that something foreign has now become familiar.  

Staying at Ka’ana Boutique Resort, with its focus on sustainability and cultural authenticity, helped me feel this way about the entire country of Belize.

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Xunantunich: Unearthing Belize

4111038068_6ce52de3dcNear the western border of Belize’s Cayo district, the Mayan site of Xunantunich (zshoo-NAHN-too-neech) has been dug/coaxed/dynamited out of the Earth bit by bit over the past 115 years. Much of it still lies buried, though; it awaits either a sign from a long-gone god, or a financial windfall.

Hopefully, Belize’s bright tourism future will help further illuminate its Mayan past.

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Shark Petting and the Light Blue Sea: Belize’s Hol Chan Reserve

Photo by Gennaro Salamone/Enduring Wanderlust

Photo by Gennaro Salamone/Enduring Wanderlust

In the warm, clear Caribbean waters of Belize’s Hol Chan Marine Reserve, friendly creatures come in all shapes and sizes. You got your moray eels, your silver tarpon, your green sea turtles…and your sharks.

If this last one gives you pause, maybe it’s time to conquer your fears. After jumping into a swirling frenzy of nurse sharks and petting one on its belly, I’m more eager than ever to snorkel the world.

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