Western Canada: The Town of Banff

Continued from Johnston Canyon

Note: Our trip to Western Canada was taken in May 2008.

Taking the gentle, narrow 1A out of Banff National Park, we headed to Banff, the biggest town in these parts (shy of sprawling Calgary).

Banff itself is preternaturally clean, touristy, and watched over by a few incredible peaks that rivaled any we’d seen before.   [Read more…]

Western Canada: Johnston Canyon

Continued from Oh, Yoho

At popular Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park, we parked and took the 1/2 mile woodland path and catwalk alongside rushing, mineral-green Johnston Creek to its lower set of waterfalls.  

The Canyon is a big tourist draw in any season, giving us a taste of what high season might be like at every park attraction.  

However, it’s full of people because it’s absolutely worth a visit, as it has the most easily accessible falls in Banff National Park; it requires no one to helicopter in to rescue you.   [Read more…]

Western Canada: The Almost-Road to Jasper – Part Two


Note:  Our trip to Canada was taken in May 2008

Just past Peyto Lake in Banff National Park was the unmarked Upper Waterfowl, little more than a tree-lined turnout on the west side of the road.  

A fifty-something Scotsman and a young woman were taking a lunch break at the turnout, their heavily-laden bicycles cast aside for the moment; they encouraged us to check out the lake at the bottom of the hill and said they’d join us presently to enjoy their pudding by the water. [Read more…]

Western Canada: The Almost-Road to Jasper – Part One

Continued from Moraine Lake

Note:  Our trip to Canada was taken in May 2008

Peyto Lake in Banff National Park

Along the way from Banff National Park to Jasper, you pass short hikes to gorgeous rivers and lakes, as well as a gift store/deli/ice cream counter/cafe where you can reward yourself with that most precious of Canadian treasures — crystallized maple sugar candy.

[Read more…]

Western Canada: Moraine Lake

Continued from Lake Louise

In late May in the Canadian Rockies of Banff National Park, night doesn’t fall until 10pm.  The soft evening light invites romance, as well as a few more hours outdoors. 

It’s the perfect time to visit Lake Louise’s pretty cousin, Moraine Lake.

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