Travels With Two on Amateur Traveler

A lagoon motu off Aitutaki, one of the South Pacific's Cook Islands

On July 2nd, travel podcast pioneer Chris Christensen did two things that I feel are pretty exciting:

1) he celebrated the 5th anniversary of his engaging, comprehensive travel website, Amateur Traveler;

2) he interviewed me about our experiences in the Cook Islands, a remote and gorgeous quadrangle of the South Pacific.

Huzzah to Chris (whom I had the honor of meeting in New York last week), and here’s a listen to Amateur Traveler podcast #238!

Amateur Traveler Episode 238 – Travel to the Cook Islands

All Around Rarotonga

The south end of Rarotonga's Muri Beach

In the Cook Islands, it takes less than an hour to drive Rarotonga‘s 20-mile ring road…but welcome distractions like green jungle backroads, sugar-sand beaches and surfside stops for refueling will take a few more hours.

You’ll be glad you put aside the time.

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Rarotonga: Pa’s Cross-Island Trek

Pa, at 69 years young

Climbing a couple thousand feet straight up through a South Pacific island jungle in the company of a sweet and dotty native healer, then picking your steep and muddy way back down using only vines and roots to hold you steady might not sound like your idea of a good time…

…but we swear, it’s a truly phenomenal experience.

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Rumours of Rarotonga

On a laid-back Cook Islands vacation, you probably think that a marble-tiled villa with its own waterfall pool and an indoor stream is a bit of overkill.  Add a flat-screen TV and two beds to choose from…and you’d be absolutely right.

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The Small Blue Yonder: An Aitutaki Lagoon Cruise

In Aitutaki, no matter what you’re doing, eventually you’ll catch a glimpse of pure turquoise water, cotton-white clouds and periwinkle sky.

And maybe, like us, you’ll ask a nice man to take you out across the lagoon…just the two of you.

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