Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Collection: Stay Awhile

Please forgive me for being remiss, dear readers: I’ve known about Mr & Mrs Smith for years, but have neglected to share until now.

Allow me to remedy my oversight and introduce you to some truly spectacular couple-friendly “hotel porn” from around the world.

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Exotic Destinations on a Budget: How to Experience the Trip of a Lifetime for Less

My latest article for takes five destinations/travel experiences that are known for hefty price tags and shows you how to visit/have them at a relative discount.

If you’re both interested in touring the Galapagos Islands, relaxing in French Polynesia or Mexico’s Riviera Maya, taking an African safari, or exploring Antarctica for yourselves, this here’s the resource for you:

Exotic Destinations on a Budget: How to Experience the Trip of a Lifetime for Less

Please enjoy reading — and trip-planning!

Travels With Two on Amateur Traveler

A lagoon motu off Aitutaki, one of the South Pacific's Cook Islands

On July 2nd, travel podcast pioneer Chris Christensen did two things that I feel are pretty exciting:

1) he celebrated the 5th anniversary of his engaging, comprehensive travel website, Amateur Traveler;

2) he interviewed me about our experiences in the Cook Islands, a remote and gorgeous quadrangle of the South Pacific.

Huzzah to Chris (whom I had the honor of meeting in New York last week), and here’s a listen to Amateur Traveler podcast #238!

Amateur Traveler Episode 238 – Travel to the Cook Islands

TWT Travel Binder: French Polynesia


French Polynesia, in the South Pacific, is comprised of several sets of islands.
There’s the Australs, the Marquesas, the Gambier Archipelago, and the Tuamotos.

But the Society Islands are the most famous, and include Tahiti, Bora Bora and Moorea…
which are, by all accounts, drop dead gorgeous.

Here are some resources to help you plan your own “travels with two” to French Polynesia.

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Floating Away to Motu Tu Vahine

Tahaa - Photo by lander2006

Tahaa’s lagoon, French Polynesia – Photo by lander2006

Ah, to take the trip of a lifetime…and be able to speak French while doing it.

For our friends John and Beth, this meant winging halfway around the world to the snorkeling heaven of isolated Motu Tu Vahine in French Polynesia.

Even years later, to hear them tell it, it seems the rêve is still very much alive.

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