Barossa Valley: Old and New, Part Deux

Just a touch of lavender in South Australia's Barossa Valley

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Barossa Valley: Old and New and Koalas, Too

One day isn’t nearly enough in the Barossa Valley, the cradle of South Australian wine. Best to tuck on in for at least another 24 hours.

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Barossa Valley: Old and New and Koalas, Too

Old grape vines in the Barossa Valley township of Tanunda

South Australia’s most famous wine region, the peaceful Barossa Valley, is ideal for a gastronomic lost weekend…one that could easily last the rest of your lives.

Frolic in fields full of flowers…and tawny marsupials. Swim in Shiraz and wade in Riesling. Nibble grapes in bed, beside Grecian statues and a big ol’ gilt mirror. Luxuriate in epic meals that will go on for days and leave you in puddles of joyful tears.

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Adelaide Hills: Day(s) of Wine and Chocolate

Since I’m generally looking for a small town feel with my urban adventure, a little wildness with my history, and a little chocolate with my wine, I was pleasantly surprised by the northern swath of Adelaide in South Australia. So pleasantly, in fact, that I could see myself living there. (Haven’t quiet broached this one with Adam yet…but whatever.)

In North Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills, I learned all about a famous artist of whom I’d never heard, found a style of architecture I’d never known existed, and discovered the simple pleasure of a snap — all in the same day.

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Adelaide: From City to Bay

As the region’s capital city, Adelaide is the ideal jumping off place for an 8- to 12-day exploration of South Australia. It’s worth at least one full day of exploration, but three would be a whole lot better.

From Los Angeles, it’s a 14-hour overnight flight to Sydney (read: two or three movies, a long nap and breakfast), a 1 ½ hour flight to Adelaide, and a ten-minute cab ride to the center of town. You get in, you get settled, you’re sitting at a great little sidewalk café by noon.

Just as distinctly Australian as larger, more touristy Sydney and Melbourne with half the crowds, Adelaide offers history, modernity, a relaxing pace, amazing food — and a killer stretch of the Southern Ocean.

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Discovering Down Under: South Australia

A moment of perfect quiet on Kangaroo Island

After three amazing weeks of traveling as half of a couple (in Africa and London), I was home in Los Angeles for less than a day before jetting off to South Australia — sans husband and yet full of excitement.

This was my very first trip Down Under. But because I’ve now discovered that South Australia is a truly unique slice of the world, full of gorgeous wines and produce, indigenous wild animals roaming free across miles of open space, stunning and bizarrely empty white-sand beaches, and a culture that goes back somewhere between, oh, 200 and 50,000+ years…it definitely won’t be my last.

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