TWT Travel Binder: Switzerland

Here are some resources to help you plan your own “travels with two” to Switzerland.

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From Lake Como to St. Moritz: Part Two

Continued from
Lake Como to St. Moritz: Part One


Driving from Varenna, Italy, on the east shore of Lake Como, to Lugano, Switzerland takes about 1 hour.  After a short ferry across Lake Como, you’ll soon cross the Italian/Swiss border along the northern arm of Lake Lugano.

From Lugano to St. Moritz, it’s about 2 1/2 hours through the mountains.

A round-trip version of this journey probably shouldn’t be attempted in one day, but we figured, what the heck. We wouldn’t have been able to get our money back from the Hotel Olivedo on such short notice, and there’s something undeniably exciting to Americans about driving to and from another country in daylight.

I mean sure, we could drive from Los Angeles to Tijuana and back, but we sure as hell wouldn’t see any snow-capped mountains, verdant valleys, or leiderhosen.  For that sort of scenery, we were better off in Switzerland. [Read more…]

From Lake Como to St. Moritz: Part One

A few years back we found ourselves in the Italian Lake District with too much time on our hands.  We’d planned four days in Lake Como, not realizing that while it’s absolutely beautiful, it’s also one of the most action-free places on Earth…and that most of its delights can be seen in two days.

That’s how we ended up driving to St. Moritz, Switzerland. [Read more…]