Mallorca: A Slice of Spanish Paradise

My friend Nellie Huang, writer of the one-stop travel guide WhyGo Spain, has offered to extoll the virtues of Mallorca, a romantic Spanish island not far from her home in Granada. When Adam and I went to Spain in 2007, we didn’t have enough time to see Andalucía, Barcelona and Mallorca, so I’m thrilled that Nellie is willing to share.


Mallorca's northern tip, Cala Formentor

Earlier that week, my fiancé and I had arrived on Mallorca for our summer vacation — and we were very pleasantly surprised.

Despite what we’d been told, there were no truckloads of tourists or noisy, half-drunk college students. Instead of pumping techno music, we could hear only the soothing lapping of waves. The sun’s rays reflected on the turquoise Mediterranean, and sprawling in front of us were endless miles of clean, white, sandy beach.

We looked at each other and smiled, knowing we’d found our own slice of paradise.

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TWT Travel Binder: Spain

Here are some resources to help you plan your own “travels with two” to Spain.

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Images of Barcelona’s Modernisme

All photos ©Melanie Waldman/Travels With Two

Lobby, Casa Mila

Lobby of Gaudi's Casa Mila

If you’ve ever seen a rainbow just after a storm, when the sky is glowing from clouds to gold, then you can probably imagine Barcelona.

But in case that visual escapes you, please enjoy some of our favorite photos of Barcelona’s most magnificent Art Nouveau-era Modernisme.  Whenever we need a little hit of color between our vacations, we now think of these fantastic, organic, utterly unique landmarks.

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Barcelona: Eat, Stay, Love

Tapaç 24 in Barcelona

Barcelona is best known for attracting scores of tourists to its uniquely magnificent, 100 year-old Modernisme buildings. But people also come to immerse themselves in this city’s more modern blend of excitement, elegance, color, taste, and invention.

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Southern Spain: Kicking Back on the Costa Tropical…Eventually

Weary of hot temperatures in Granada, we quickly realized that in order to feel an ocean breeze, we would need to head south for the Mediterranean.

The famous and over-touristed Costa del Sol with its high-rise condos and shiny yachts didn’t much appeal to us; a quieter, adjacent portion of the southern coast, known as the Costa Tropical, with its azure water, chalky cliffs, and (faux) Roman ruins, surely did.

But first, we’d have to get through El Torcal, a hot and rocky hilltop landscape that used to be at the bottom of the sea, and then an endless traffic jam in Malaga, hometown of Picasso. [Read more…]