The Souvenir(s) of a Lifetime

This detailed watercolor painting was created by my paternal grandmother. It depicts an amazing array of travel souvenirs collected by her dear friends, Wladimir and Emma Woytinsky.

This well-traveled couple’s story is a fascinating microcosm of the 20th century, while the painting is a microcosm of my family legacy — a mix of travel, art, ideas, and love. 

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Just Another Day in Your Adventure

Photo by Sea Greene

Today is Valentine’s Day, which gives a great big hug to the concept of love.

(Well, the commercial concept of love, anyway.)

Amidst the candlelight, soft music, Champagne, chocolate and Hallmark™-fest of this sexy little holiday, keep in mind that this is but one day in your grand adventure. It shouldn’t carry the burden of a whole year’s quota for romance.

So go out, stay in — it doesn’t really matter. What matters on this day, or any old day at all, is your eyes meeting — and lingering; your hands touching; your shared laughter and stories. It’s as lovely a day as any to push aside responsibility for a while and indulge in the simple joy of being in one another’s presence.

And while you’re at it, a lovely day to plan your next adventure, together.




Our Favorite iPhone Travel Apps: Part Three

It’s possible that between us, we have 50+ iPhone apps that relate to travel. 

Here are another five of the ones we find most useful — and hope you will, too.

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Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Collection: Stay Awhile

Please forgive me for being remiss, dear readers: I’ve known about Mr & Mrs Smith for years, but have neglected to share until now.

Allow me to remedy my oversight and introduce you to some truly spectacular couple-friendly “hotel porn” from around the world.

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O Happy Holidays, Full of (De) Lights

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