The Serengeti: Tonight We’re on Safari…Like it’s 1909

Our tent at &Beyond’s Serengeti Under Canvas

If you’ve ever wanted to travel like Teddy Roosevelt in days of yore (minus the animal poaching), I’d suggest transporting yourselves to Tanzania‘s elegant, far-flung Serengeti Under Canvas.

After all, when’s the last time you washed your face over a copper sink, lay down in a bed beneath a sparkly chandelier, and listened to a herd of wildebeest rustling just outside your tent?

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Africa: Turns Out, It’s Really There

On safari with And Beyond in Botswana's Okavango Delta

So, you know how some places in the world just seem theoretical — even imaginary — until you actually go there?

Well, that’s how I felt about Africa for much of my life. Until now.

Having now seen a few corners of the continent for ourselves — largely in Botswana and Tanzania — we’re happy to report that while Africa is truly vast, it’s far from unknowable.

In fact, we’ve fallen so much in love that I dare say we’ve left a bit of our hearts behind.

Hope to go get ’em back someday.

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