Safe Holiday Travels, Two and All

Miniature ski resort at the Pasadena Model Railroad

As 2012 draws to a wintry close, ushered out in candlelight glow and a sparkle of electric bulbs, I wish you — and those most dear to you — a peaceful holiday season. 

Whether you’re schlepping ‘cross country to see family, cozying up by a wood-burning fireplace, stretching out on a tropical shore, or heading up a mountain only to ski your way down again, remember to stop here and there, acknowledge each other with a smile, and be in the moment(s).

Not going away this time around? Well, you’re not alone — for once, I don’t have any big travel plans, either.

Instead, I’ll be catching up with dear friends here in L.A. while exploring far-flung neighborhoods, hunting down garish Christmas lights, and seeking snow atop the San Gabriel Mountains. Between adventures, I’m imagining laughter and linear conversation over snifters of Canadian sortilége.  

However you choose to celebrate the winter holidays, please keep this is mind for the year to come:

It’s almost impossible to live a well-rounded life without stepping away from your routines to truly connect with other people and new places. So here’s to hoping that 2013 will be the year you embrace a well-rounded life.

For my part, I’ll keep the travel inspiration coming — and I’ll look forward to connecting with you!



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