The Coastal Wrap Cardigan by Fresh Produce: My New Favorite Travel Layer

Me and my Fresh Produce Coastal Wrap Cardigan at a riverside bar in Zadar, Croatia

I’ve fallen in love with a light and simple piece of clothing, the Coastal Wrap Cardigan by Fresh Produce.

Ladies, this one’s technically for you — but guys, if you’re looking for a great gift for a traveling woman in your life, look no further.

I brought the Coastal Wrap Cardigan along with me to my multi-week trip to Europe this past May, and in the face of breezy days and nights, wore it just about every day. And now that autumn’s on approach, I’m finding myself once again toting it along to keep the evening chill at bay.

Easy to pack and surprisingly wrinkle-free, this layer is the soft, thick jersey of a beloved t-shirt. And with a wrap-tie belt at the waist and a draped collar, it looks just as cute with jeans as it does over a dress.

It holds up well in the washing machine, and doesn’t require a dryer — though certainly looks a bit smoother after a tumble setting. The long, fitted sleeves are effective at keeping you and cold air separate, and a little extra heft to the fabric makes this a great piece for seasonal transitions. 

Almost as cozy as a human snuggle, this cardigan has become my reliable companion, both at home and abroad.  


The Fresh Produce Coastal Wrap Cardigan
comes in 7 colors and costs $35.70.

An even more autumnal version,
the Fresh Produce Knit Coastal Wrap Cardigan,
comes in 3 colors and costs $33.38.

Yours truly rocking the Coastal Wrap Cardigan at the Villa Spaletti Travelli in Rome


My Coastal Wrap Cardigan was provided to me
free of charge by Fresh Produce,

and I have since road tested it across four countries.

The observations and opinions presented here are my own.



  1. Nice! Wrinkle-free and comfy? I’m in.

    Also, such a lovely site, Melanie. Always glad to visit. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Jen — and right back at you!

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